The iPhone 5C is being offered in a range of five different colours

To those who follow the tech press there were few surprises at Apple's annual iPhone update.

Yes, the high-end 5S handset gets a fingerprint sensor. Yes, there's a new cheaper version, the 5C, made with plastic back which comes in colours. Yes, both come equipped with Jony Ive's revamped iOS7 which is now ready for launch.

But perhaps the biggest surprises were over what was not included.

No NFC (near field communication) chip to turn the handsets into digital wallets. No boost in the number of megapixels on the camera. No option for 128 gigabytes storage and no bigger screen.

There was also no super-cheap price for the 5C. In the UK it will actually cost more than some people had been paying for the 4S. Instead that 4S model now becomes the lowest cost option to tempt those into Apple's ecosystem.

Even so the event still generated frenzied reaction in some parts of the net. Here's a selection of what appeared online.

The Financial Times:

Some law enforcement authorities have criticised Apple, Samsung and other smartphone makers for not doing enough to prevent thefts of their devices. A fingerprint reader, alongside other security features in iOS 7, will help to address this problem.


Perhaps the most surprising thing about the fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5S is the fact that it can only be used to do two things – unlock the phone and verify iTunes purchases. Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller confirmed to AllThingsD that developers won't get access to use a fingerprint as a means of authentication.

The Verge:

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