As sophisticated phones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices become more prominent, a lot of the focus from the general consumer populace is directed toward those devices’ displays. However, those of you who have to scrunch up your legs under your desk, or meticulously maneuver your monitor in order to include speakers into your battlestation would probably like to hear that Fujifilm has its sight set on the speaker rather than the display, and has developed on that is flexible.

Let’s face it, though audio is a pretty integral part of a full media experience, a common sensibility is that — usually — the better the audio quality, the more cumbersome the rig out of which it plays. Unwieldy over-the-ear headphones tend to deliver a much better audio experience than in-ear buds, while larger speakers or subwoofers tend to provide a louder volume. Because of this, we’re left trying to find a place to fit everything — it’s a pain to perform any kind of athletic activity with big over-the-ear headphones, and an above-par sound system tends to take up space. A somewhat thinking-outside-the-box way to solve those issues would be to change the shape of the space the systems occupy, rather than the size of the systems themselves. At a trade show in Tokyo,Fujifilm showed off a flexible film that can be used as the vibrating plate (the diaphragm) inside a speaker.

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