Dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded after all

You may not know this, but the warm and/or cold nature of dinosaurs is…hotly contested. A study last year put dinosaurs solidly in-between cold-blooded reptiles and warm-blooded modern mammals, metabolically speaking. But by analyzing the same data, Stony Brook University Professor Michael D’Emic came to a different conclusion: Dinosaurs weren't wishy-washy when it came to body temperature regulation, they were just […]

No bones about it: sharks evolved cartilage for a reason

A great white shark captured off the coast of Mexico. Flickr/Brook Ward, CC BY-NC Enlarge Sharks are one of the oldest and least changed of all the living back-boned jawed creatures. But because their skeletons are made of cartilage much of their early fossil record is poor. Cartilage is a rubbery tissue that forms the framework for bones to […]

New study shows influence on climate of fresh water during last ice age

Ice core from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Credit: Oregon State University A new study shows how huge influxes of fresh water into the North Atlantic Ocean from icebergs calving off North America during the last ice age had an unexpected effect – they increased the production of methane in the tropical wetlands. Usually increases […]

Red Sea Parts for 2 New Islands

A 2011 satellite photo of the eruption that created Sholan Island.  Credit: Jónsson et al., Nature Communications Enlarge Two volcanic islands recently born in the Red Sea have yielded stunning images, providing scientists with new insights about a little-known rift in Earth's crust. Both islands emerged in theZubair Archipelago, a small chain of volcanic islands, owned […]

Space Station Module Move Makes Room for Private Spaceships

The International Space Station's bus-size closet, called the Permanent Multipurpose Module, is relocated to a new docking port on Wednesday, May 27, to clear a docking port for future commercial space taxis. Credit: NASA TV Enlarge Astronauts on the International Space Station moved a closet-like storage module to a new spot on the orbiting lab Wednesday […]

Swiss cheese hole mystery solved: It’s all down to dirt

Hole again: and it is all thanks to tiny flecks of hay, say Swiss scientists Scientists say they have discovered why Swiss cheese has holes in it: apparently, it is all down to how dirty buckets are when the milk is collected. Contrary to what cartoons have suggested over the years, the holes are not […]

West coast log and lumber exports decreased in first quarter of 2015

Log exports from Washington, Oregon, northern California, and Alaska totaled 272 million board feet in the first quarter of 2015, a decrease of nearly 16 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2014, the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station reported today. During this same period, west coast lumber exports declined 4 percent in […]

Engineers Develop Probiotics That Can Detect Tumors

By using probiotics, a team of engineers has devised a new way to detect cancer that has spread to the liver. Many types of cancer, including colon and pancreatic, tend to metastasize to the liver. The earlier doctors can find these tumors, the more likely that they can successfully treat them. “There are interventions, like […]

A New View of Ceres, Dawn Shows Finer Detail

This image of Ceres is part of a sequence taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft on May 23, 2015, from a distance of 3,200 miles (5,100 kilometers). Resolution in the image is about 1,600 feet (480 meters) per pixel. Enlarge This new image from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft shows finer details of the dwarf planet Ceres. The […]

Humans Trekked Out of Africa Via Egypt, Study Suggests

A reconstruction of a human skull discovered in Laos (and described in 2012). New research suggests modern humans exited Africa through Egypt. Credit: F. Demeter Enlarge The major gateway for modern humans out of Africa may have been Egypt, a new genetic analysis suggests. This finding may help scientists reconstruct how humans evolved as they wandered across […]

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