Methane hydrate: Dirty fuel or energy saviour?

The world is addicted to hydrocarbons, and it's easy to see why – cheap, plentiful and easy to mine, they represent an abundant energy source to fuel industrial development the world over. Methane hydrate, or fire ice, is a highly energy-intensive fuel source The side-effects, however, are potentially devastating; burning fossil fuels emits the CO2 […]

NASA Moon Probe Will Bite the Lunar Dust Soon: What It Taught Us

A NASA probe orbiting the moon will literally bite the lunar dust within the next week or so when it crashes into the moon's far side. Near mission's end, NASA's LADEE is soon to bite the dust, will purposely smash into the moon's far side. Credit: NASA Enlarge The $280 million LADEE mission(short for Lunar Atmosphere and […]

Image: Grand Canyon geology lessons on view

Credit: NASA Enlarge The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona is a favorite for astronauts shooting photos from the International Space Station, as well as one of the best-known tourist attractions in the world. The steep walls of the Colorado River canyon and its many side canyons make an intricate landscape that contrasts with the dark […]

A sharp eye on Southern binary stars

Unlike our sun, with its retinue of orbiting planets, many stars in the sky orbit around a second star. These binary stars, with orbital periods ranging from days to centuries, have long been the primary tool for measuring basic quantities like the star's mass. While masses of normal stars are now well determined, some binaries […]

Cosmologists weigh cosmic filaments and voids

A zoomed-out view of galaxies identified by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Filaments and voids are visible at this scale. Enlarge ( —Cosmologists have established that much of the stuff of the universe is made of dark matter, a mysterious, invisible substance that can't be directly detected but which exerts a gravitational pull on surrounding objects. […]

Lost sea lion in California found mile from water

Workers at a central California ranch could hardly believe their eyes when they spotted a sea lion pup hopping through an almond orchard, a mile from the San Joaquin River. In this March 2014 photo provided by the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge, is a sea lion pup named Hoppie who was found at […]

Bringing history and the future to life with augmented reality

Credit: VENTURI Enlarge Have you ever wished you had a virtual time machine that could show you how your street looked last century? Or have you wanted to see how your new furniture might look, before you've even bought it? Thanks to VENTURI, an EU research project, you can now do just that. Très Cloîtres […]

EU’s first Sentinel satellite images Earth

The European Union's new Sentinel-1a radar satellite has returned its first images of Earth. Brussels: Radar can be used to track and plan urban development Launched on 3 April, the spacecraft is part of a fleet of orbiting sensors that will go up over the next few years to monitor the state of the planet. […]

Uncertainty about sea levels to last 10 more years, experts say

A new study published in the international journal Nature Communications has revealed how Western Australia's sea levels will rise into the next century, according to a team of researchers including UWA's Research Assistant Professor Ivan Haigh (now at Southampton University) and Winthrop Professor Chari Pattiaratchi. An international team of scientists from The University of Western Australia, Southampton […]

Meteorites yield clues to Martian early atmosphere

A microscope reveals colorful augite crystals in this 1.3 billion-year-old meteorite from Mars, which researchers studied to understand the red planet's atmospheric history. Credit: James Day Enlarge ( —Geologists who analyzed 40 meteorites that fell to Earth from Mars unlocked secrets of the Martian atmosphere hidden in the chemical signatures of these ancient rocks. Their […]

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