Unique pair of supermassive black holes in an ordinary galaxy discovered

Artist’s impression of a pair of black holes. One of them is accreting the 'debris' of the disrupted star, while the second is temporarily interrupting the stream of gas toward the other black hole. Credit: © ESA/C. Carreau Enlarge (Phys.org) —A pair of supermassive black holes in orbit around one another have been discovered by […]

How far are the planets from the Sun?

Artist’s impression of the planets in our solar system, along with the Sun (at bottom). Credit: NASA Enlarge The eight planets in our solar system each occupy their own orbits around the Sun. They orbit the star in ellipses, which means their distance to the sun varies depending on where they are in their orbits. […]

Red stars and big bulges: How black holes shape galaxies

ENLARGE / Images of a small fraction of the galaxies analysed in the new study. The galaxies are ordered by total mass of stars (rising from bottom to top) and by ‘bulge to total stellar mass ratio’ (rising from left to right). Galaxies that appear redder have high values for both of these measurements, meaning that […]

MESSENGER completes its 3,000th orbit of Mercury, sets mark for closest approach

(Phys.org) —On April 20, MESSENGER completed its 3,000th orbit of Mercury and moved closer to the planet than any spacecraft has been before, dropping to an altitude of 199 kilometers (123.7 miles) above the planet's surface. Artist depiction of the MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around Mercury. Credit: NASA / JHU/APL Enlarge "We are cutting through […]

Today’s Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida

Credit: Newcastle University Enlarge Parts of ancient Antarctica were as warm as today's California coast, and polar regions of the southern Pacific Ocean registered 21st-century Florida heat, according to scientists using a new way to measure past temperatures. The findings, published the week of April 21 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, underscore […]

Apple offering free recycling of all used products

Apple is offering free recycling of all its used products and vowing to power all of its stores, offices and data centers with renewable energy to reduce the pollution caused by its devices and online services. The iPhone and iPad maker is detailing its efforts to cultivate a greener Apple Inc. in an environmental section […]

Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Docker: Container virtualization goes mainstream

Red Hat and Ubuntu are Linux rivals and they disagree on many technical details, but they do agree on one thing: Docker, a container technology is going to be a major virtualization technology in the years to come. Ubuntu sees container technology and Docker to be as natural and efficient as a honeycomb. Will it be? Linux, of course, […]

Krypton used to accurately date ancient Antarctic ice

A team of scientists has successfully identified the age of 120,000-year-old Antarctic ice using radiometric krypton dating – a new technique that may allow them to locate and date ice that is more than a million years old. This is the ice core driller Tanner Kuhl with the blue ice drill on Taylor Glacier in […]

Taking the pulse of mountain formation in the Andes

Sedimentary deposits near Cerdas in the Altiplano plateau of Bolivia are shown. These rocks contain ancient soils used to decipher the surface temperature and surface uplift history of the southern Altiplano. Credit: Photo by Carmala Garzione/University of Rochester. Enlarge Scientists have long been trying to understand how the Andes and other broad, high-elevation mountain ranges […]

Our Guide to the Bizzare April 29th Solar Eclipse

Will anyone see next week’s solar eclipse? On April 29th, an annular solar eclipse occurs over a small D-shaped 500 kilometre wide region of Antarctica. The 2013 partial eclipse rising over the Vehicle Assembly Building along the Florida Space Coast. This month’s solar eclipse will offer comparable sunset views for eastern Australia. Photo by author. This will […]

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