How bad can solar storms get?

Sun drawn by a child. Credit: Susie Murph Enlarge Our sun regularly pelts the Earth with all kinds of radiation and charged particles. How bad can these solar storms get? In today's episode, we're going to remind you how looking outside of the snow globe can inspire your next existential crisis. You guys remember the sun right? […]

Mars rover’s ChemCam instrument gets sharper vision

ENLARGE / ellowjacket is the first rock targeted by the NASA Mars Rover’s ChemCam device after checkout of the auto-focus repair. It is a layered sedimentary rock. The laser analysis yielded a composition very close to that of Mars soil and unlike the lakebed sedimentary compositions observed at lower elevations and earlier in the mission. The […]

Could ‘green rust’ be a catalyst for Martian life?

NASA’s Curiosity rover is among those machines that have discovered signs of ancient water on Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona Enlarge Mars is a large enough planet that astrobiologists looking for life need to narrow the parameters of the search to those environments most conducive to habitability. NASA's Mars Curiosity mission is exploring such a […]

NASA Spacecraft Now Closer to Moon Than Ever

A visualization of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter passing low over the moon¹s surface near the lunar south pole. Credit: NASA/GSFC/SVS Enlarge A NASA probe has dipped closer to the moon than ever before, perhaps setting the stage for a new round of discoveries about Earth's nearest neighbor. On May 4, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) performed two engine […]

Ceres Bright Spots Sharpen But Questions Remain

Latest image released by NASA of the white spots in the 57-mile-wide crater on the dwarf planet Ceres. Scientists with the Dawn mission believe they’re highly reflective material, likely ice. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA Enlarge The latest views of Ceres’ enigmatic white spots are sharper and clearer, but it’s obvious that Dawn will have to descend much lower before […]

NASA announces opportunities to advance ‘tipping point’ and emerging space technologies

ENLARGE NASA announced Thursday two opportunities for public-private partnerships to achieve the agency's goals of expanding capabilities and opportunities in space. Through both solicitations, NASA is seeking industry-developed space technologies that can foster the development of commercial space capabilities and benefit future NASA missions. "These solicitations form an increased focus on collaborations with the commercial space sector […]

China set to open world’s highest glass-bottomed bridge

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. (©Haim Dotan Ldt.) (Relaxnews) – China is set to become home to the tallest, longest, and, arguably, scariest pedestrian bridge in the world, when construction of a glass-bottomed bridge is complete in the national park that inspired the floating mountains from the James Cameron film “Avatar.” Hovering a dizzying 300 […]

Earthquake preparations need to start now, expert advises federal officials

Dr. Scott Ashford has been named the Dean of the College of Engineering at Oregon State University. Ashford has previously served as Head of the School of Civil and Construction Engineering, as well as serving as Interim Dean. He is a respected leader and scholar within the campus community, in Oregon and internationally. (contributed photo) […]

Polish brown bear crossed borders, highway, in search of mate

In this file photo taken on Saturday, April, 4, 2015, a bear chews on a corncob at a shelter that attracts hundreds of visitors and volunteers from around the world every year, in Kutarevo, Croatia. (AP Photo/Amel Emric) WARSAW, Poland — A Polish brown bear went a wooing, little knowing that scientists were following all […]

One-third of Kazakhstan’s endangered antelope population died in last few days

In this photo released by Wildlife Conservation Society, an adult saiga antelope runs after being released by Enke, right, in the Sharga Nature Reserve in Mongolia in 2006. (Wildlife Conservation Society / Joel Berger) KIEV, Ukraine — Authorities in Kazakhstan says around one-third of the endangered saiga antelope population in this Central Asian nation has […]

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