Copernicus operations secured until 2021

ENLARGE / Sentinel-1, the first in the family of Copernicus satellites, will be used to monitor many aspects of our environment, from detecting and tracking oil spills and mapping sea ice to monitoring movement in land surfaces and mapping changes in the way land is used. It will also play a crucial role in providing timely […]

Steering ESA satellites clear of space debris

ENLARGE / ESA’s European Space Operations Centre, ESOC, is the control centre for ESA missions, and hosts our Main Control Room (shown here), combined Dedicated Control Rooms for specific missions and the Estrack Control Centre, which manages our worldwide ground tracking stations. ESOC also hosts facilities for satellite communications, navigation, networks and other special functions. Credit: […]

Use asteroids as stepping stones to Mars: Richard Binzel on NASA’s asteroid redirect mission

This concept image shows an astronaut retrieving a sample from the captured asteroid. Credit: NASA Enlarge By the end of this decade, NASA hopes to lasso a space rock: The space agency is actively pursuing proposals for its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM)—a mission that aims to identify, capture, and redirect an asteroid into lunar orbit. […]

Largest Underwater Statue Holds Ocean on its Shoulders

The Ocean Atlas underwater sculpture, an 18-foot (5.4 meters), 60-ton statue deployed off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas Credit: Jason deCaires Taylor Enlarge Just off the coast of the Bahamas, a giant waits beneath the waves. The nearly 2-story-high statue, dubbed Ocean Atlas, was lowered into place earlier this month and is the largest […]

Ancient Stone Circles Leave Archaeologists Puzzled

ENLARGE / The Big Circle called J1 is about 390 meters (1,280 feet) in diameter, with an open area created by bulldozing in its interior. Credit: David L. Kennedy, copyright is retained by the Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East imageAPAAME_20040601_DLK-0041 Huge stone circles in the Middle East have been imaged from above, revealing details […]

Photos: Aerial Images Reveal Mysterious ‘Big Circles’ in Middle East

Huge stone circles discovered by air in the Middle East have been imaged with high resolution, revealing their age and other intriguing details. Here's a look at the "Big Circles," which have puzzled scientists for decades. Sprawling circle Archaeologists in Jordan have taken high-definition aerial images of 11 Big Circles (as archaeologists call them). Built […]

Colon Cleansing: 7 Myths Busted

Credit: topnatthapon/ Enlarge Whether they're buying products or seeing an alternative medicine practitioner, some people are emptying out their colons in hopes of improving their health. Some are using do-it-yourselfcolon cleansing methods — such as laxatives, enemas or herbal remedies — while others are undergoing colonic irrigation (also known as colonic hydrotherapy, or colonics) and allowing […]

Icelandic volcano system has been spewing lava since early September

An overflight view taken on Sept. 8 shows the main eruptive site, known as "Baugur" (Icelandic for "ring" or "circle"). The eruption is the result of the spreading apart of two tectonic plates, the Eurasian and North American. Enlarge Jeffrey Karson, a Syracuse University geologist who recently traveled to Iceland to monitor the early stages […]

Cassini Probe Spots Methane Ice Crystals In Titan’s Atmosphere

The cloud in the stratosphere over Titan’s north pole (left), Earth’s polar stratospheric clouds (right). Image Credit: NASA/JPL/UofAriz./LPGNantes; R. NASA/GSFC/M. Schoeberl During it’s 2006 flyby of Titan, the Cassini Space Probe captured some of the most detailed images of Saturn’s largest moon. Amongst them was one showing the lofty cloud formations over Titan’s north pole […]

Planet-forming lifeline discovered in a binary star system

ENLARGE / This artist's impression shows the dust and gas around the double star system GG Tauri-A. Researchers using ALMA have detected gas in the region between two discs in this binary system. This may allow planets to form in the gravitationally perturbed environment of the binary. Half of Sun-like stars are born in binary systems, […]

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