Alarm over ‘timber grab’ from Cambodia’s protected forests

Campaigners say that deforestation in Cambodia is taking place on a large scale Ancient, highly valuable forests are being lost at an "unprecedented" rate from protected lands in Cambodia, according to a new report. The analysis, from campaign group Forest Trends, says that large corporations are using legitimate development permits to illegally clear land. Around […]

Playing ‘tag’ with pollution lets scientists see who’s ‘it’

Snow and ice from the Tibetan Plateau and Himalayan range (upper left), an important source of water for many people, can be seen feeding rivers that flow down through India. Credit: Jacques Descloitres, NASA Enlarge Using a climate model that can tag sources of soot from different global regions and can track where it lands […]

Cassini to Make Final Flybys of 2 Icy Saturn Moons

The plumes of Enceladus as seen by Cassini in 2009. NASA/JPL/SPACE SCIENCE INSTITUTE For the next six months, NASA’s Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft will get its final look at two icy moons — one famous and one not so well-known. It will fly by the erupting moon Enceladus three times, checking out its plumes in the best […]

Data from NASA’s New Horizons Hints at Underground Ocean on Pluto

Four images from New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager were combined with color data from the Ralph instrument to create this enhanced-color global view of Pluto. Image: SwRI/JHUAPL/NASA Scientists believe that the ice flows and water ice mountains revealed by New Horizons help support the idea that an interior ocean may be driving geologic activity […]

Mystery Solved? Why Pluto’s Big Moon Charon Has a Red Pole

The red pole on Pluto's largest moon could be remnants of the dwarf planet's escaped atmosphere. This image was taken by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft on July 13, 2015 during its historic flyby. Credit: NASA-JHUAPL-SwRI Enlarge The dark red pole on Pluto's largest moon Charon may be some of the dwarf planet's own siphoned-off atmosphere. Images […]

What Are These Strange Scarlet Streaks Spotted on Tethys?

Enhanced-color image from Cassini showing red streaks on Saturn’s moon Tethys (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute) Enlarge Resembling what the skin on my arms looks like after giving my cat a bath, the surface of Saturn’s moon Tethys is seen above in an extended-color composite from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft showing strange long red streaks. They stretch for long distances […]

Brown dwarf stars host powerful aurora displays, astronomers discover

Artist's impression of the aurorae on the brown dwarf LSR J1835+3259. Credit: Chuck Carter and Gregg Hallinan/Caltech Enlarge Brown dwarf stars host powerful aurora displays just like planets, astronomers have discovered. The so-called failed stars, which are difficult to detect and also remain hard to classify, are too massive to be planets but physicists from […]

Dense star clusters shown to be binary black hole factories

Credit: NASA Enlarge The coalescence of two black holes—a very violent and exotic event—is one of the most sought-after observations of modern astronomy. But, as these mergers emit no light of any kind, finding such elusive events has been impossible so far. Colliding black holes do, however, release a phenomenal amount of energy as gravitational waves. […]

The World’s Most Dangerous Volcano May Kill Another City

Vesuvius and the surrounding Naples metropolitan area. Seen on July 28, 2015.  COPERNICUS SENTINEL DATA (2015)/ESA Enlarge IF YOU ARE a volcanologist, nothing strikes fear into your heart as much as thinking about the next Vesuvius eruption. This Italian giant is nestled in the sprawling metropolitan area of Naples, population 3.1 million. We’re not talking “nearby” like Rainier is to […]

Stephen Hawking on Reddit: Ask Him a Question on Artificial Intelligence

If you have any questions about Terminators, Cylons or other human-robot hybrids, now is the time to ask them. For the next nine days, Stephen Hawking will be taking the Internet's queries about all things related to artificial intelligence (AI). Stephen Hawking has a long list of warnings about threats to humanity.Credit: Flickr/NASA HQ PHOTO […]

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